Non-governmental, non-profit organization, established in 2016. The Pahapan (Guardian) Development Foundation is a unity of active people, who have achieved in social, economic, cultural and spiritual areas of life and are ready to invest their time and skills to make their vision true.


Tavush is one of the most vulnerable regions of Armenia, where we would like to support spiritual, cultural, social and economic development, to create jobs and mitigate outmigration, thus to revive the hope and faith of Armenians for their homeland. Tavush region unites 49 communities and 4 towns, with 128.609 people, of which about 35,000 are children. Given their proximity to the border with Azerbaijan – only 5km - these nearly 23 communities of Tavush region are subjected to periodic fire by Azeri armed forces. Due to poverty and lack of access to social services many of the children are deprived of the opportunities to participate in educational, cultural and developmental age-appropriate activities. Many of children do not have access to pre-school and school education (despite that it is free). These children are forced to stay at home, because they are not properly dressed and equipped for school, they have to “help” their parents in households. This hampers their proper physical and cognitive development. Youth life is also disadvantaged in Tavush due to lack of employment opportunities, scarcity of recreation and development centers. Altogether, this stimulates outward migration from communities and puts at risk the security of the country on its border.


  • To support the development of Tavush region and implement programs in social, cultural, educational and economic sectors.
  • To promote employment and youth involvement in the social and economic life of Tavush region.
  • To promote safe social and economic environment for children in families and communities for their best physical and spiritual progress.
  • Facilitate development of spiritual and cultural life in regions and stimulate the local tourism related to it.