Project 2: Care and education for vulnerable families


To establish social daycare and educational centers in 20 villages of Tavush to make daily lives of pre and school-age children more purposeful by engaging them in development, arts, sports activities and ensuring care necessary for their normal growth including Christian education and care. Also, their parents will receive vocational training and learn skills to improve their income. The social workers will help parents to learn better parenting styles and help these families to benefit from services they are entitled to. The project will be implemented in collaboration with the Tavush Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church that has already established two social daycare centers of this type in Ijevan and Noyemberyan towns of Tavush and makes better the daily lives of more than 200 children. It takes only about $12,000 per to establish a Center (or its equivalent in AMD). Help is to establish another child center in Berd town!