Project 1: Playground shelters for children living under fire shootings in borderline villages

Problem description

There are about 10000 children who live under regular fire shootings by Azeri troops in 23 borderline villages of Tavush region. Here is why the Pahapan (Guardian) Foundation aims to renovate 15 shelters in schools and/or kindergartens in 15 most vulnerable villages and equip them as playgrounds. The program is implemented in partnership with the State Ministry of Emergency Situations of Armenia and with the technical support of the latter. The average cost for renovation and equipment of one playground shelter is USD 5000-10000 pending on the initial conditions and the type of building. We have already built the 1st playground shelter in Nerkin Karmir Aghbyur village in Tavush that helps to keep safe 55 children lives. Support us to build the next!